Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Troubleshooting Steps for Gmail Not Receiving Emails with Attachments

Gmail has become mandatory too to send and receive the mails and one can send as well as receive other files in Gmail which includes attachments in .jpg, .mpeg and other files like pdf or .doc, .docx format. But, if you are facing issue of Gmail not receiving some emails with attachments, following gives possible issues and solutions as well:

* If this has been issue from an individual sender, ask the sender if he/she had attached the file    properly with it. Alternatively, you can try another browser as an option to check if the issue persists. If you have got this issue from multiple sender, you can go through following troubleshooting issues.

* Update your browser:-Once your browser has been updated to the latest version and ask the sender to send the mail again. If unable to receive the mail, go through following troubleshooting options.

* You can clear cache and cookies:- To clear google chrome cookies on different devices, you can go through following procedure:

1. To clear cookies, sign out of the website and it might happen that saved preferences could be deleted.
  • Open Chrome on the net.
  • Click on More  icon.
  • Under More icon, you can find Settings.
  • Click on Advanced that you can find at the bottom.
  • Click on Content Settings that you can find under Privacy and Security.
  • Under Content Settings, you need to click on Remove All under Cookies.
  • You got to confirm to remove the cookies by clicking on Clear All.

2. On android device, follow first three steps given above and then, tap on 

  • Privacy:- Click on Clear Browsing Data.
  • To clear cookies in other browsers, like mozilla or internet explorer, there are different steps, you can refer for the same on sites. 
  • Go through above steps to resolve the issue of gmail not receiving some emails with attachments. 

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