Thursday, November 29, 2018

Steps to Fix if your Antivirus is Not Working

Antivirus software is designed to detect and prevent your device from malware,viruses,trojan horses.With antivirus software you can remove unwanted spyware and other harmful virus.Antivirus program scan your device for unwanted malware and protects your device.

Steps to fix the Antivirus-

There can be several reasons of your antivirus not working and keep getting freeze.If your device infected with the malware or spyware then it may prevent the antivirus run correctly.You can follow these steps listed below to fix the antivirus-

First you need to restart your computer and boot up into the safe mode.

Then click on the “settings”

You need to select the “PC settings” and then click the “update and recovery.”

Under the advanced startup ,click on the “recovery” and then “restart now”

After restart the computer, you need to select the “safe mode with networking” then click “enter”

Once windows done loading, then launch the antivirus.

You can select the scan preferences and click on the “start scan” to run a virus scan.

Restart the computer when the scan is complete.

Other than this you can also uninstall the antivirus and download the latest version. For this you can follow these steps-

You can download the AVG removal tool and install it. By running this tool you can remove the selected avg product.

After remove the avg and its all components , restart the computer and download then install the antivirus again.

You also need to make sure that you run one antivirus at one time. If you’ve more than one antivirus running on your computer, it may causes the conflicts. So you have to uninstall the extra antivirus.

In case, you still facing the issue and can’t run the antivirus program properly, then you you need to contact the customer service via phone call and get the help regarding your query.

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