Thursday, November 29, 2018

Steps to Fix if your Antivirus is Not Working

Antivirus software is designed to detect and prevent your device from malware,viruses,trojan horses.With antivirus software you can remove unwanted spyware and other harmful virus.Antivirus program scan your device for unwanted malware and protects your device.

Steps to fix the Antivirus-

There can be several reasons of your antivirus not working and keep getting freeze.If your device infected with the malware or spyware then it may prevent the antivirus run correctly.You can follow these steps listed below to fix the antivirus-

First you need to restart your computer and boot up into the safe mode.

Then click on the “settings”

You need to select the “PC settings” and then click the “update and recovery.”

Under the advanced startup ,click on the “recovery” and then “restart now”

After restart the computer, you need to select the “safe mode with networking” then click “enter”

Once windows done loading, then launch the antivirus.

You can select the scan preferences and click on the “start scan” to run a virus scan.

Restart the computer when the scan is complete.

Other than this you can also uninstall the antivirus and download the latest version. For this you can follow these steps-

You can download the AVG removal tool and install it. By running this tool you can remove the selected avg product.

After remove the avg and its all components , restart the computer and download then install the antivirus again.

You also need to make sure that you run one antivirus at one time. If you’ve more than one antivirus running on your computer, it may causes the conflicts. So you have to uninstall the extra antivirus.

In case, you still facing the issue and can’t run the antivirus program properly, then you you need to contact the customer service via phone call and get the help regarding your query.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Method to Set Up Two Step Verification in Gmail Account

Google account is used to login for google application and you need a username and password to access the google account.Gmail account is free web email service , it can automatically organizes related messages into a conversational thread.

Method to setup two step verification in Gmail Account-

If you have a google account , then you can make it more secure with a password and a verification code and this extra layer gives you more security.If you remove this ,then it is easier for someone to hack your account.

This service will send you a single use code every time you login to google account.You need to enter this code and your password to access to your account.

So, if you need to know “how to set up two step verification in Gmail Account” method, you need to follow these steps listed below-

First you need to open the “2 step verification code page” and click the “get started” button.

Maybe you need to log in to your google account , if you’ve given the instruction.

You need to add your phone number and then select either text message or phone call to complete the step.

Click on the “try it” button and google service will send you a code.

Then enter the given code and click “Next”’.

Click “turn on” button  to enable 2-step verification.

Then you need to go back to the 2-step verification page and click on the “authenticator app” to setup the application.

You need to choose your mobile operating system.

Download the authenticator app on your mobile.

Then open the app and click on the “begin setup” and scan Barcode.

You need to scan the code with your mobile and enter the initial code.

This is the method to setup the 2-step verification code, so every time to login to your account, you will be asked to generate a new code and password.

Monday, November 19, 2018

How do I talk to live person at Google support

Being a Google account holder you can access varied best in class services related to Google. But sometimes many conditions come when you confront lots of technical issues when using Google-related services. Some of the problems can easily fix by your own but in some of them you always look for any effective support to fix the issues and Google support via a live person is one of the best choices to get relevant solutions for any sort of query. But if you don’t know how to talk to live person at Google Support, then you should really need to know about that.

Steps to talk to live person at Google support:

·         Press 1 for the Apps, Music, and Games at Google Play.

·         Press 2 for getting a technical support at Google device.

·         Press 3 for any purchasing item or order.

·         Press 4 for asking any question about the product.

·         Press 5 for more options.

After pressing 5, you will be gotten the below menu where you can contact with the live person:

·         Press 1 for Google services.

·         Press 2 for talking with a live person.

·         Press 3 for the previous menu.

·         Press 4 for the main menu.

If you are not able to talk with the live person, then you can very easily contact the Google support team and ask about the way of talking with the live person.

How to fix Cincinnati Bell Issue by Dialling Cincinnati Bell Customer Service Number

Cincinnati Bell is one of the leading company in providing telephone services. With several world-class features, the company provides good customer services to all its users. Moreover, in case, a user faces any kind of technical glitch with the Cincinnati Bell service the user can contact the Cincinnati Bell customer service.

What are the issues a user face with Cincinnati Bell services?

Though the Cincinnati Bell service provides you with many services with top of the line features. Sometimes, a user may face issues while accessing it like; How can I add or remove additional phone lines from my account? What should I do if my phone is not allowing me to call? An issue in receiving incoming calls. I don't have a dial tone, how can I set it?

If you come around with this kind of issues in Cincinnati Bell phone service then you don’t need to be worried. As you can get a complete solution by dialing Cincinnati Bell customer service number also this line is available 24*7.

Get 24*7 Cincinnati Bell customer service

The customer support team at Cincinnati Bell Support deliver support at any time of the day or night. And, not only resolve your issues but also gives you the essential details. By which you would not encounter with any similar issue in future.

The Cincinnati Bell customer support team always understand the core point of the issue you are facing. And then, acknowledge it after that they will respond to you with an appropriate solution. cooperative and sincere that the customer gets hundred percent satisfaction with the services from the team.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Quick steps to fix the issue of Adobe Not Working on Mac

Adobe is an online collection of software that allows users to comment, view or edit the documents in a PDF format. The software is highly used by professionals in order to carry out simple tasks and work. The software allows the users to edit the documents so that they become more readable. It helps to interpret and analyse the documents in an easy manner.

How to fix the issue of adobe not working on Mac?

The users need to follow the steps listed below in order to fix the issue of Adobe not working on Mac. The set of instructions are mentioned here:

First of all the user needs to open Safari and then choose the option of Safari. After this the user needs to select Preferences.

Then the user needs to click on the the Security tab.

Thereafter the user needs to ensure that Enable JavaScript and Allow Plug-ins are selected and checked.

The user needs to select Adobe Flash Player.

From the When visiting other websites menu, choose and select the Allow option.

Finally the user needs to click on the  Done option in order to save the changes thus made.

At last the users will see that Adobe has started working on Mac.

The steps listed below will allow the users in solving the issue of Adobe not working on Mac. While executing the steps listed above, the users may contact the technical experts for fixing the issues that the user faces.

Get instant assistance to get the issues resolved:

The users may contact and get instant solution from the technical experts for getting the issues resolved. The experts are well experienced and possess a lot of knowledge in fixing the issues in less time. The steps of solution are simple and can be easily applied for fixing the issue of Adobe not working on Mac. The solution provided to fix the issue can be implemented very easily. The steps are practical and can be easily understood without any issue and complexities.