Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How to Reset Microsoft Password

Microsoft account is the account that is developed for Microsoft users. It is a single sign-in account that requires the username and password. In case you have forgotten the password then this article is at your disposal. The steps below will show you how to reset the Microsoft password. 

Go to the Microsoft account password reset page.

From the many reasons, choose the reason to reset your password and then click “Next”.

Now Microsoft will ask the username associated with for which you are seeking for recovery.  Enter the Microsoft account email address and proceed further.

You will now receive the captcha code that needs to be entered exactly in the same way as it is written.

After entering the code, click “Next”.

If you have linked the recovery phone number or recovery email address with Microsoft account then Microsoft will send a verification code to either of them.

After seeing the code you need to enter the same in the space provided on the screen and click “Ok”.

Microsoft will now allow you to create the new password. Enter the password that is strong enough and easy for you to memorise.

Once the password is changed, you will get the notification or dialogue box stating “Password changed successfully”.

Steps for Windows 10 PC

On your laptop screen, type your username if not displayed.

Select “I forgot my password” just below the password box.

Now Microsoft will verify your identity by sending the verification code to the recovery phone number or email address.

In case you do not have any of them handy then you can enter the last 4-digit of your mobile number and click on “Send code”.

Once you receive the security code enter the same in the space provided.

Microsoft will now ask to create the password. After creating the password, click on next and your password will be reset.

You can contact Microsoft support for help and assistance. If you are facing query that how to reset Microsoft Password within very less time. Then you can take the assistance from the experts. 

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