Thursday, September 6, 2018

How to Install Google Play Store

Google Play Store in android phone is a place where you can download multiple apps from.
By default, Google Play Store is available on your Smartphone but timely you need to update it, to update the Google Play Store timely and to know How to install Google Play Store, you need to go through following steps:

1.    Check current version: Check what version is being run by Google Play Store, you can know about the version by going through following steps:

a.    Open Google Play Store App.
b.    Go to the Settings.
c.    At the bottom, a number is shown which the version that Google Play Store runs on is.
d.    If it asks for update, tap on the button to update its version.

2.    You can download the Google Play Store via APK: You must download the Google Play Store via a trusted APK; downloading Google play store via entrusted sources tampers the APK.

3.    Enable Unknown Sources in the Settings:  If you are unable to get any Google Play Store via trusted APK, then, all you need to do is activate unknown sources in the settings. Go through following to enable unknown sources:

a.    Enter device settings.
b.    Go to Security.
c.    In the Security, find the Unknown Sources option.
d.    Check the box before the Unknown Sources option.
e.    Click on Ok and you can install APKs from unknown sources.
f.    If Unknown sources can’t be found in the security settings, you can find it in the Privacy settings or application settings.

4.    Following are another process of how to install Google Play Store,

    a. Open file browser.
    b. Find the Google Play Store APK option, most probable location is the SD Card or Downloads folder.
    c. Click on the APK once you found it. Click on Package Installer, if you see this option.
    d. If on the next screen, you see any permission changes, you need to click on Install, once it is finished, latest Google Play Store gets installed on the device.

5. Disable Unknown Sources: Leaving the checkbox before Unknown Sources proves to be a major security hole which causes problems and all you need to do is turn it off:
a.    Go to device settings.
b.    Check for Unknown Sources option.
c.    Once you found it, uncheck the box.
Go through above steps to install the Google Play Store.

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