Thursday, November 29, 2018

Steps to Fix if your Antivirus is Not Working

Antivirus software is designed to detect and prevent your device from malware,viruses,trojan horses.With antivirus software you can remove unwanted spyware and other harmful virus.Antivirus program scan your device for unwanted malware and protects your device.

Steps to fix the Antivirus-

There can be several reasons of your antivirus not working and keep getting freeze.If your device infected with the malware or spyware then it may prevent the antivirus run correctly.You can follow these steps listed below to fix the antivirus-

First you need to restart your computer and boot up into the safe mode.

Then click on the “settings”

You need to select the “PC settings” and then click the “update and recovery.”

Under the advanced startup ,click on the “recovery” and then “restart now”

After restart the computer, you need to select the “safe mode with networking” then click “enter”

Once windows done loading, then launch the antivirus.

You can select the scan preferences and click on the “start scan” to run a virus scan.

Restart the computer when the scan is complete.

Other than this you can also uninstall the antivirus and download the latest version. For this you can follow these steps-

You can download the AVG removal tool and install it. By running this tool you can remove the selected avg product.

After remove the avg and its all components , restart the computer and download then install the antivirus again.

You also need to make sure that you run one antivirus at one time. If you’ve more than one antivirus running on your computer, it may causes the conflicts. So you have to uninstall the extra antivirus.

In case, you still facing the issue and can’t run the antivirus program properly, then you you need to contact the customer service via phone call and get the help regarding your query.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Method to Set Up Two Step Verification in Gmail Account

Google account is used to login for google application and you need a username and password to access the google account.Gmail account is free web email service , it can automatically organizes related messages into a conversational thread.

Method to setup two step verification in Gmail Account-

If you have a google account , then you can make it more secure with a password and a verification code and this extra layer gives you more security.If you remove this ,then it is easier for someone to hack your account.

This service will send you a single use code every time you login to google account.You need to enter this code and your password to access to your account.

So, if you need to know “how to set up two step verification in Gmail Account” method, you need to follow these steps listed below-

First you need to open the “2 step verification code page” and click the “get started” button.

Maybe you need to log in to your google account , if you’ve given the instruction.

You need to add your phone number and then select either text message or phone call to complete the step.

Click on the “try it” button and google service will send you a code.

Then enter the given code and click “Next”’.

Click “turn on” button  to enable 2-step verification.

Then you need to go back to the 2-step verification page and click on the “authenticator app” to setup the application.

You need to choose your mobile operating system.

Download the authenticator app on your mobile.

Then open the app and click on the “begin setup” and scan Barcode.

You need to scan the code with your mobile and enter the initial code.

This is the method to setup the 2-step verification code, so every time to login to your account, you will be asked to generate a new code and password.

Monday, November 19, 2018

How do I talk to live person at Google support

Being a Google account holder you can access varied best in class services related to Google. But sometimes many conditions come when you confront lots of technical issues when using Google-related services. Some of the problems can easily fix by your own but in some of them you always look for any effective support to fix the issues and Google support via a live person is one of the best choices to get relevant solutions for any sort of query. But if you don’t know how to talk to live person at Google Support, then you should really need to know about that.

Steps to talk to live person at Google support:

·         Press 1 for the Apps, Music, and Games at Google Play.

·         Press 2 for getting a technical support at Google device.

·         Press 3 for any purchasing item or order.

·         Press 4 for asking any question about the product.

·         Press 5 for more options.

After pressing 5, you will be gotten the below menu where you can contact with the live person:

·         Press 1 for Google services.

·         Press 2 for talking with a live person.

·         Press 3 for the previous menu.

·         Press 4 for the main menu.

If you are not able to talk with the live person, then you can very easily contact the Google support team and ask about the way of talking with the live person.

How to fix Cincinnati Bell Issue by Dialling Cincinnati Bell Customer Service Number

Cincinnati Bell is one of the leading company in providing telephone services. With several world-class features, the company provides good customer services to all its users. Moreover, in case, a user faces any kind of technical glitch with the Cincinnati Bell service the user can contact the Cincinnati Bell customer service.

What are the issues a user face with Cincinnati Bell services?

Though the Cincinnati Bell service provides you with many services with top of the line features. Sometimes, a user may face issues while accessing it like; How can I add or remove additional phone lines from my account? What should I do if my phone is not allowing me to call? An issue in receiving incoming calls. I don't have a dial tone, how can I set it?

If you come around with this kind of issues in Cincinnati Bell phone service then you don’t need to be worried. As you can get a complete solution by dialing Cincinnati Bell customer service number also this line is available 24*7.

Get 24*7 Cincinnati Bell customer service

The customer support team at Cincinnati Bell Support deliver support at any time of the day or night. And, not only resolve your issues but also gives you the essential details. By which you would not encounter with any similar issue in future.

The Cincinnati Bell customer support team always understand the core point of the issue you are facing. And then, acknowledge it after that they will respond to you with an appropriate solution. cooperative and sincere that the customer gets hundred percent satisfaction with the services from the team.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Quick steps to fix the issue of Adobe Not Working on Mac

Adobe is an online collection of software that allows users to comment, view or edit the documents in a PDF format. The software is highly used by professionals in order to carry out simple tasks and work. The software allows the users to edit the documents so that they become more readable. It helps to interpret and analyse the documents in an easy manner.

How to fix the issue of adobe not working on Mac?

The users need to follow the steps listed below in order to fix the issue of Adobe not working on Mac. The set of instructions are mentioned here:

First of all the user needs to open Safari and then choose the option of Safari. After this the user needs to select Preferences.

Then the user needs to click on the the Security tab.

Thereafter the user needs to ensure that Enable JavaScript and Allow Plug-ins are selected and checked.

The user needs to select Adobe Flash Player.

From the When visiting other websites menu, choose and select the Allow option.

Finally the user needs to click on the  Done option in order to save the changes thus made.

At last the users will see that Adobe has started working on Mac.

The steps listed below will allow the users in solving the issue of Adobe not working on Mac. While executing the steps listed above, the users may contact the technical experts for fixing the issues that the user faces.

Get instant assistance to get the issues resolved:

The users may contact and get instant solution from the technical experts for getting the issues resolved. The experts are well experienced and possess a lot of knowledge in fixing the issues in less time. The steps of solution are simple and can be easily applied for fixing the issue of Adobe not working on Mac. The solution provided to fix the issue can be implemented very easily. The steps are practical and can be easily understood without any issue and complexities.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Contact Customer Support to Change RR Mail Password

If your requirement is to change RR mail password and you need assistance to get your password changed, you can do it through RR mail technical support. The executives at technical support team of RoadRunner are technically sound and provide incessant support to the customers. They are available round the clock and work industriously to provide best solution to the customer requirement. Tech support executives are skilled, experienced and certified and they diagnose the issue and work to fix the issue accordingly.

If you have following reasons to change the password you can contact RR mail technical support:

There could be account authorization issue i.e. you cannot access your account as there has been security breach which means someone has hacked into your account and has changed the password or you are on a regular attempt to change the password.

Customer care executives are available round the clock to assist you and provide best service across globe.

Benefits of contacting RR mail technical support:-

There is no registration and sign up issue and you need not to wait for appointment date, all you need to do is contact the customer care and provide the details regarding the issue and since customer care executives are technically sound, they provide comprehensive solution to the customers.

You can contact RR mail technical support through following mode:

Using helpline number: You can call on the phone number and get the solution accordingly. The customer care executives assist you regarding your issue. Besides the issue of changing password, you can contact the tech support to get the solution regarding other issues related to RR Mail technical Support.

Using mail : If you need descriptive solution, then, you can call write mail and get the descriptive answers by technical team within stipulated time.

Using Chat:If you have access to net and need immediate response, you can contact the customer support through chat process. Technical team is always available to provide the support to the people. It is a live chat process, you need to type in your question in chat box and get the assistance accordingly.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How to Reset Microsoft Password

Microsoft account is the account that is developed for Microsoft users. It is a single sign-in account that requires the username and password. In case you have forgotten the password then this article is at your disposal. The steps below will show you how to reset the Microsoft password. 

Go to the Microsoft account password reset page.

From the many reasons, choose the reason to reset your password and then click “Next”.

Now Microsoft will ask the username associated with for which you are seeking for recovery.  Enter the Microsoft account email address and proceed further.

You will now receive the captcha code that needs to be entered exactly in the same way as it is written.

After entering the code, click “Next”.

If you have linked the recovery phone number or recovery email address with Microsoft account then Microsoft will send a verification code to either of them.

After seeing the code you need to enter the same in the space provided on the screen and click “Ok”.

Microsoft will now allow you to create the new password. Enter the password that is strong enough and easy for you to memorise.

Once the password is changed, you will get the notification or dialogue box stating “Password changed successfully”.

Steps for Windows 10 PC

On your laptop screen, type your username if not displayed.

Select “I forgot my password” just below the password box.

Now Microsoft will verify your identity by sending the verification code to the recovery phone number or email address.

In case you do not have any of them handy then you can enter the last 4-digit of your mobile number and click on “Send code”.

Once you receive the security code enter the same in the space provided.

Microsoft will now ask to create the password. After creating the password, click on next and your password will be reset.

You can contact Microsoft support for help and assistance. If you are facing query that how to reset Microsoft Password within very less time. Then you can take the assistance from the experts. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Unable to Contact Cincinnati Bell Technical Support Phone Number, Here is Everything to Learn

There are a number of the telephone companies available in the globe market and providing full support to the public related to the telecommunication. Similarly, there is Cincinnati Bell Company which is widely famous for its style of offering a service related to the telephone service online. In short it is known as dominant telephonic company for Cincinnati Bell and Ohio.

It has the complete role of distributing the internet service to all members of Cincinnati Bell and to manage this service, tech experts have offered a webmail program through which help people find the solution of a number of problems occur with internet and telephone service.

Get the best possible way to Contact Cincinnati Bell Technical Support Phone Number

At first, go to the support page and press the contact button. Enter the correct user name and mobile phone number if you have not registered your account yet. Go to the Cincinnati Bell page and check out products you are having and select one. Enter the description into the box and go to the next page to select chat, email, or phone call at the end of the process.

If you are not able to contact tech support team at your endless series of bad discussion related to the get in touch with technicians, you are always free to go to the Cincinnati Bell help & support page that offers the best possible way to contact phone number immediately.

If you still realize there any hurdle and you don’t know how to get rid of this error you have to follow the below instructions will help you to contact phone number and tech support team immediately.

Contact us any time:

So visit us at any time as it has the best task of offering several bill payment options through which anybody can pay his bill using mail, or major credit card, debit card, electronic check over the telephone or in person through its convenient payment location station.

So if you are the same facing the more challengers while performing all these tasks and need the assistance of tech support you are always free to visit Cincinnati bell customer service which is always on for you to provide the best solution and tech support service at any time.

Follow These Simple Steps to Recover your Microsoft Password

Well, setting a password is an easy task but remembering without using a password manager can be a tricky task. So, if you are that person who usually forgets their passwords, this article might help you out.

Today, in this article you will get to know how to reset Microsoft account password easily and instantly by following some simple steps. Though recovering password is not easy, you can definitely reset the password for your account.

First, open the browser and head to Microsoft account page and tap on the “Sign in” option. Now, insert your Microsoft username and click on “Next” button.

Over the years you might have used various Microsoft related email account as your Microsoft account which includes,, and Microsoft also lets you sign in using an external email address. But, the issue is that your password for the Microsoft account would be different from the password of the external address.

Now, click on the “Forgot my password” link present below the password space. Once you are redirected to another page, choose the “ I Forgot my password” option and click on “Next” button.

After that, you will be prompted to enter some characters in the empty space as a security measure. Once done, click on the “Next” button.

Now, you need to verify your identity by using an alternative email address set up on the Microsoft account or with a mobile device connected to your account.

Now, type the code received and click on the “Next” button. After that, you will be directed to another page where you need to create a new password and confirm the same. Now, click on the “Next” button.

After that a message of the password has been changed would be displayed and you have to again click on “Next” button. Now, you will be directed to the "Sign in" page where you can use your id and new password.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

All Things You Should Know About the Process of Microsoft Password Reset

Before starting with anything else we should first know about the Microsoft .Microsoft is the American company which was developed by Bill gates and it’s headquarter is in Redmond, Washington. It basically deals in the manufacturing , maintenance and development of the computer software and it’s related software applications.

In today’s high end technology world where internet is the major source of all the information, Microsoft is also playing very important role to make the person life easier in it’s own way. Microsoft is the well known company in the technology world.

If you are already using the Microsoft and have created the Microsoft account as well but due to some reason your account get locked or you forget the password and you want to know How to Reset Microsoft Password then you are at right place just read the instruction in the below paragraphs.

To reset the password of Microsoft you need to first open the Microsoft account page and need to go on to reset your password page. Then you need to choose the reason of resetting the password in the required field and click on Next. After that you have to provide the Microsoft account email password where you will receive the password reset link. Now enter the CAPTCHA you see on the screen and click on Next. On the next page provide the new password and confirm it .

You will be successfully able to reset the password after going through all these steps and you will also receive the message called ‘you have successfully reset the password’ and now you can resume the Microsoft account services with the new password.

If you are feeling any ambiguity In the procedure or finding any difficulty while resetting you should reach out to the customer support team by dialing the Microsoft customer care number and ask the technical experts for the Microsoft Account Password Reset and they will help you to resolve the issue as per best of their knowledge and try to assist you over a phone call only.

The customer support team of Microsoft is available in 24*7 around the clock so you can reach out to them anytime you want and the customer support team will help you to assist you in all your problem related to the Microsoft.

Friday, September 28, 2018

How I Update Adobe Flash Player in a Proper Manner

Updating the Adobe Flash Player is the fairly simple task to do. In this article, we will show you the steps on how to update Adobe Flash Player. Let us start with the steps.

Method 1: Quick update of Adobe Flash on Windows: 

If you do not know whether your flash player is updated or not then you can check by visiting “Find Version” page on Adobe site. The page will automatically detect and tell you whether you have the latest version or the old one.

Close all the other application window to prevent any kind of hindrance in downloading and installing the application.

From the browser go to the Adobe flash player page and then download the most recent and updated version of flash player for your machine.

After the downloading is completed it will open automatically. If by any chance it does not open then you can open it from the downloads section.

Once the process completes then you can close the browser and open it again. And you can check the version when the notification appears saying “Your version is up-to-date”.

There are many other steps that can update your flash player. If you hold the mac then you can also follow the same steps as above. Another way to install the updated version can be by installing the clean version of Adobe flash player on both mac and windows.

If you face any kind of issue while installing then you can feel free to contact Adobe Flash player technical support. This technical support can is available 24/7 at your service. The representatives are skilled and polite and have the ability to solve the problem in a short time span. Interestingly you can now use the adobe flash player as a mobile application.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Want Assistance for the Browser Installation Support? Here is Everything to Learn

Get the fine support in terms of managing your old internet browser along with the appropriate troubleshooting procedure. The current version of internet browser helps you to identify that your Operating System is compatible and working good with the internet browser. Browser support always helps to perform the task of troubleshooting when someone faces an issue. Although it is pretty normal to encounter an issue with the internet browser nevertheless there is multiple ways and resources to resolve the problem without wasting more time and stress.

How to obtain browser installation support?

The Internet browser is most important to access the internet world and this it is necessary to obtain a full support to deal up with the problem that generally occurs with the users on daily basis. This is all means that you should change the settings of your internet browsers that comes after updating or reinstalling internet browser from its official website. When it comes to the Microsoft Operating system, it offers valuable assistance in terms of resolving the problem whether you are using internet explorer or Google Chrome. However, if there is continue occurring problem on a daily basis, you can contact its browser support representative who offers valuable assistance to get the issue fixed exceptionally very well.

One more thing which deserves to be noticed is that as we have discussed above that we can fix multiple problems when our Operating system is capable to work this browser but if there is an error we can also manage the task of the daily basis. Here on you can reset your browser, re-install it or you can update it as well. In all these processes you must have relevant information for the installation support that helps to find out the latest internet browser on the device to work fine. To get the full information of the support to follow the steps as listed down.

Get solution to support installation:

First of all, launch an internet browser and go to the settings button. Click on the manage internet service under the general settings. Select the update button and press on the next button and click on latest internet browser now. Click on download button and wait for a second and then click on install button. Press on language button settings and select terms and condition button. Select the done button and press on the installation button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Having completed the task, you are eligible to use your internet browser on your device in all respects. But if failed an error, then don’t forget to contact its support technicians who offer valuable assistance for the installation and other internet Browser Support service at any time.

How to Configure Cincinnati Bell?

Cincinnati Bell is an organization that gives composed correspondence game plans—including neighborhood and additionally and long separation voice, data, information, quick Internet, and video stimulation benefits—that keep private and business customers in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, covering more than 2,400 square miles associated with one another and additionally with the entire world. In like manner, Cincinnati Bell Business (CBB) offers an extensive variety of forefront cloud correspondences, web organize, versatile advancing and Wi-Fi courses of action – especially proposed to fit the prerequisites and spending plan of autonomous organizations. Moreover, CBTS, a totally possessed backup organization of Cincinnati Bell, offers every one of the associations end-to-end trades, interchanges and numerous other valuable IT plans.

Follow the steps given here to setup cincinnati bell

Press and hold SETUP until the point when the mode key flickers twice.

Enter 9 – 9 – 5 utilizing the digit keys on the remote.

Press the POWER key.

Press the mode key and afterward the POWER key for every gadget you wish to turn ON when you watch digital TV.

Press and hold SETUP until the point when the mode key flickers twice. After the set you have to change SSID and encryption key.

There are two spots to change the SSID and Encryption key.

The first is on the remote modem.

Typically Cincinnati Bell does not prescribe changing the SSID or Encryption key on the modem since we incorporate a tag on the base of the modem that rundowns that specific modem's one of a kind SSID and Encryption key.

While it is conceivable to change both the SSID and the encryption key from the defaults, we don't suggest it.

The second place to setup the SSID and encryption key is on the gadget (PC, tablet, telephone, and so on) you need to associate with the system.

For directions on the most proficient method to interface a gadget please visit this site page and select your gadget.

You will see an intelligent stroll through of how to associate your specific gadget utilizing the SSID and encryption key found on the base of your modem.

For any more queries call up the Cincinnati bell customer service. The Experts offer you Instant Solution within short span of time.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Get Tutorial on how to Create and Reset Rocketmail Account Password Instantly

Rocketmail is a secure webmail account in terms of sharing and receiving emails from the client error-free. It is associated with multiple features and products that help to manage its email service without using any third party app and software. Anybody can install this webmail account on his iPad, iPod, and Android device using only methodically performance. Meanwhile if there is an error and you are not able to manage your account on your device after configuring or setting up, you can just check out its settings and services that might help to perform the task of securing emails and its all server as well.

How to Create Rocketmail Account:

This point has generally come from the process of creating this webmail account using correct email address and password. But rest of the space is also empty to fill in the box and then press on the done button. If face an error while creating Rocketmail account you can follow the steps to resolve this problem via techies who are available at around the clock to offer support and help on a daily basis. So check it out to create Rocketmail account.

First of all, go to the sign in page of Rocket email account and press on the sign-up button. Enter the correct email address and first and last user name. Now you have to enter the correct mobile phone number, alternate email address to receive the verification code when you need to reset the password of Rocket email account simply. Fill in the form showing on the screen and select captcha code and enter that into the relevant field. Finally, click on the create button at the end of the page. You can use your rocket email account on your device using the apps and setup your account suitably.

What to do to Reset Rocketmail Account Password?

After creating your Rocket email account in case you forgot the password of Rocketmail account, you can go through the process of resetting password instantly. If you face an error while resetting the password of Rocket email account, follow the below steps as listed down.

Go to sign in the page and strive to enter the correct email address and password to access. If showing an error message and unable to perform the task click on the forgot password button. Enter the correct alternate email address or mobile phone number and press on the send verification code. Enter the code into the correct field and then a password reset code will be showing on the next page. Enter the new password into the new and confirm password field at the end of the task.

For more help and information related to the Rocket email account, visit Rocketmail customer service center which is available at around the clock to offer relatively assistance in no time. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

How to Install Google Play Store

Google Play Store in android phone is a place where you can download multiple apps from.
By default, Google Play Store is available on your Smartphone but timely you need to update it, to update the Google Play Store timely and to know How to install Google Play Store, you need to go through following steps:

1.    Check current version: Check what version is being run by Google Play Store, you can know about the version by going through following steps:

a.    Open Google Play Store App.
b.    Go to the Settings.
c.    At the bottom, a number is shown which the version that Google Play Store runs on is.
d.    If it asks for update, tap on the button to update its version.

2.    You can download the Google Play Store via APK: You must download the Google Play Store via a trusted APK; downloading Google play store via entrusted sources tampers the APK.

3.    Enable Unknown Sources in the Settings:  If you are unable to get any Google Play Store via trusted APK, then, all you need to do is activate unknown sources in the settings. Go through following to enable unknown sources:

a.    Enter device settings.
b.    Go to Security.
c.    In the Security, find the Unknown Sources option.
d.    Check the box before the Unknown Sources option.
e.    Click on Ok and you can install APKs from unknown sources.
f.    If Unknown sources can’t be found in the security settings, you can find it in the Privacy settings or application settings.

4.    Following are another process of how to install Google Play Store,

    a. Open file browser.
    b. Find the Google Play Store APK option, most probable location is the SD Card or Downloads folder.
    c. Click on the APK once you found it. Click on Package Installer, if you see this option.
    d. If on the next screen, you see any permission changes, you need to click on Install, once it is finished, latest Google Play Store gets installed on the device.

5. Disable Unknown Sources: Leaving the checkbox before Unknown Sources proves to be a major security hole which causes problems and all you need to do is turn it off:
a.    Go to device settings.
b.    Check for Unknown Sources option.
c.    Once you found it, uncheck the box.
Go through above steps to install the Google Play Store.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Is Mozilla Thunderbird the Most Popular Email Client? Check it Out

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the best webmail accounts in terms of sharing and receiving emails from the clients. When you think that how it is important to use on mobile and laptop device using apps you can first enjoy the service of Mozilla internet browser that will help you to access Mozilla Thunderbird email account using the correct email address and password. It makes sure that you can use this kind of the webmail account on your device after performing the configuration process.

However, if you face an error message like you cannot sign in your email account on your device as the credential you are using not correct. So fix it soon. In addition to this, most of the time the users face a problem when they try to send or receive emails. But to fix a variety of issues it is mandatory to make a simple call at Mozilla Thunderbird Customer Service number. This phone number is one of the best modalities in terms of accessing prudent technicians who are necessarily skilled in resolving problems in no time.

In the form of most popular email clients:

On another hand, Mozilla Thunderbird email account is hugely important for all users that’s because at the present time there is updated version that will offer you complete facilities and services to manage Thunderbird email account appropriately. It is most active webmail account that attaches with email address link on a webpage or invokes a mail function from a word processor.

There is a great deal of variability among operating systems and applications regarding how the default mail clients are specified. This is a page that will help you to solve your every problem related to the webmail account but if unable to solve you can select the help option where you can select the applications or operating system’s documentation for instructions on how to set up default email clients for the Mozilla Thunderbird email account. In order to check, you can go to the tools and select the options and select advanced panel and select general tab. You can click on check now button and go through the default mail client on startup using check now button. 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Avail Detailed Information to know can the Users Set up Telus Email on the Computer

Get relevant information transferred by using Telus email account:

Telus email account helps the users to send relevant using Telus email, the users may receive vital and crucial information.

Apply these steps for setting up of Telus email on the computer system:

The users may follow the steps stated below in order to know how can the users set up Telus email on their computer system. The users may contact  Telus Email Technical Support for fixing the issues faced by the users.

From the desktop, the user needs to click on the start option.

From the Start menu, the user needs to click Microsoft Office Outlook.

From the top taskbar, the user needs to click on the Tools option.

Then the user needs to click on the email accounts.

After doing this, the  email Accounts window will be  displayed.

Then the user needs to select the option to add a new email account.

The users may click on the Next option.

The users may then select IMAP.

The users may proceed further by clicking on the  Next option.

The users may type the following information in the below mentioned fields.

Your name: The name that will be displayed to recipients of the sent email.

Email Address: the user needs to enter the email address of the user.

Username: the user needs to enter the  email account username of the user.

Password:  here the user needs to enter the  email account password.

Incoming mail server (IMAP):  in this section, the user needs to enter

Outgoing mail server (SMTP): the users may enter

Then  the user needs to check the Remember password checkbox.

After this , the users may click on the option of More Settings.

Then under the Outgoing server tab, the users may place a check mark in the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication checkbox.

Under the Advanced tab, the users may edit the Outgoing server (SMTP) to 1025.

Thereafter the users may click on the ok option.

Finally the users need to proceed further by clicking on the next option.

At last the user needs to  click on the finish option.

The steps stated above will help the users in setting Telus email account in the computer system.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

All that You Need to Know in Order to Configure theTelus Service

Telus is one of the best mailing service that you can use in order to use the mailing service that can provide you all the important features that you can expect from a mailing service. So without any issues you can simply move ahead to create an account of the telus and then can use it further according to your choice.

In order to get any more queries resolved you can simply call the techies from the company by contacting the Telus email technical support.

Now just in case you are looking for the configuration steps that you need to follow in order to set up the telus email then you have to simply follow the steps mentioned below:
  • You have to first of all go to your desktop followed by clicking on the start button.
  • After that you just have to go to the start menu followed by clicking on the microsoft office outlook
  • And then you just have to go to the top taskbar followed by clicking on the tools option.
  • Followed by clicking on the email accounts, then you just have to add a new email account.
  • And then you just have to click on the next button followed by selecting the IMAP.
  • And then you simply have to select the Next option followed by entering the information such as the name.
  • Along with that you also have to enter the email address as well as the user name and the password.
  • And then you just have to do the settings of the incoming as well as the outgoing mail server settings.
  • Once you do so then it is the high time to click on the more settings option followed by going to the outgoing server settings.
  • After that you just have to go to the advanced settings followed by editing the outgoing server.
  • And then you just have to click on the ok button and then on the next button.
  • At the end you just need to click on the finish tab and you are done with this process.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Obtain Help from Rocket mail Tech Support Representatives to Recover the Password in No Time

Rocketmail account is one of the first major free webmail services among the users allow to share and receive emails from the clients. Most of the users initially getting more benefits with this free webmail account as it was the king of internet service at that time and they used to obtain certainly important services like mobile connectivity, internet service, T.V. Netflix, email and much more. The users were more crazy to utilize the other important services but they did not have the correct important webmail account in order to manage it all and there the fastest webmail account has been evolved and the users have created their email account on the Rocket as a regular user.

Rocketmail account is nowadays being used by the multiple users among the world and since it has been launched its superb features number of the email services has been developed to access the various devices. If you have installed your Rocketmail account on your Android device, you can easily access your Rocketmail account by using correct email address and password. In the meantime, if there's an error making you more confused, you can try best to recover your Rocketmail account easily. Sometimes, the users unable to sign in their email account on laptop device via Rocketmail website, even then, they are highly able to reset the password through the simple steps as follows.

First of all, open up your Android device, click the Google play store button. Go to the search button and then type Rocketmail account app and press download button. Press install button and then let the process start the installation procedure and then wait a minute to see the Rocketmail account icon on the mobile screen. Go to the app and then enter the correct email address and password to sign in. If you are encountering the issue, press the forgot password button and enter the contact email address and press the verify button.

A password reset link will be showing on the next page allowing to enter the password into both password fields. Enter the new password into the new password field. Enter the same password into the confirm password field at the end of the procedure. Now try to sign in your Rocketmail account by using the correct email address and new password. If you find an issue while doing so then Rocketmail Technical Support Number, approachable at every second of the day to provide troubleshooting guidance and thus you can get the issue fixed in a jiffy.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Disable The Call Forwarding Feature In Windstream

Windstream is the platform for the communication which is based in United States. It is known to give phone, broadband and digital services. There are endless numbers of users who are present all across the globe who are taking the benefit of Windstream. It is quite popular and has been found as the top rated service. It is good to use but user can come by lots of technical threats while using the Windstream. For such kind of circumstances, it is required for you to connect with customer support team. Customer support team can be contacted by using helpline number.

There are number of issues that have been fixed by W team. Here, you can find help to one Windstream technical support

How do you disable call forwarding in Windstream?

It is first required to go to the Windstream sign in the web page, you need to enter the correct email ID and password. Individual should go into the phone number settings; you should enter the phone number and set the settings as per the requirement. You need to click on call forwarding Windstream option and then tap the “turn off” button. There is need to go to the mobile phone and dial *72 to look the result on the phone. Individual required entering password and tapping the “Save change” button eventually.

There may be some people who will not be satisfied by the solution of the given issue, it is required for them to connect with experts. Technicians will first understand your problem and suggest you with better solutions. Individual will be charged with certain amount of fee, it will be too low to pay by anybody. If you are not satisfied, you are not required to pay anything.

Beside, contacting the experts directly, you may even choose other major options as live chat and email service. When you use chat option, you can simply use chat box to do chat with experts. If you want to use email service, you can do email to the experts. Tech experts can be contacted anytime. If you make a constant connection to the experts, problems will never come to your way.

What Needs to be Done for the Password Recovery of Earthlink

Are you worried about losing your EarthLink email password? There are many people who face the issue of recovering the lost password, and it is really difficult to solve on your own. When you face issue associated to the account password, they are not able to login to their EarthLink email account. Individual shouldn’t get panic and contact the team of tech experts instantly. To contact tech experts, there is need to use helpline number

There are number of issues that have been resolved by Earthlink email technical support team. Here, you may find help to one:

How can I recover the Earthlink email password?

1. It is required for the users to go to the Earthlink Login Page.

2. There is need to enter email address and password in the provided field.

3. Tap the option to “Submit.”There is need click on “I don’t know my webmail password.”

4. Individual needs to enter your email address again in the next provided field.

5. By using the next step, there is need to enter the Captcha code

6. Enter the “submit” button and there is need to enter the phone number

7. Tap “Ok” and the registered phone number, where you get code in the form of SMS.

8. There is need to enter the password recovery code in the provided field.

9. Now, you can select the password change option

10. You should enter your new password for Earthlink webmail, then re-enter that password.

11. From the next step, click the option of “Confirm” button.

12. Now, the Earthlink webmail account password has been recovered, you can access the webmail account anytime and from anywhere.

If you will not get satisfaction by the solution of the given issue, it is required for you to connect with customer support team. To contact support team, there is need to use helpline number. Technical team will first understand the complete issue and then suggest you with some specific solution. Individual will be charged with certain amount of fee, it will be too little to pay by anyone. 

When you will not be satisfied, you are not required to pay anything. Beside, contacting live experts directly, you can use live chat and email service as other options.

Monday, April 30, 2018

How to Configure the Juno Email SMTP Settings for Mac Mail

Juno Email service provides email account creation to the million of customers in the US and is serving in the industry for over a decade. If you are a user of Juno Email tech support services and need to configure the SMTP settings of Juno email for Mac, then , following configuration settings will help you to set up the Juno account:

SMTP Configuration Settings for Juno mail:

> You need to set outgoing server name as “”.

> Give the port number as 465 and security type SSL.

> Type require authentication as “Yes”.

SMTP Configuration Settings for Juno Mail - TSL

> For SMTP server configuration, you need to provide outgoing server name as .

> Give the port number as 587 and security type TLS.

> And require authentication as Yes.

> Once you have set the above SMTP configuration for Juno mail, go through following steps to do further configuration for MAC computer:

> Sign into your Juno mail account.

> Click on Account Settings.

> In Account Settings of Juno mail, click on  Tools menu.

> In Tools menu, select the voice account settings in email client of Mac.

> Select the Outgoing server SMTP voice.

> Since you have to set a new SMTP. Press the Add option to set a new SMTP.

> When you press the Add option, a pop-up window appears.

> Fill in all the details in the pop-up window.

> In the description, set up a name that can decide the server of Juno,.

> In the second option, enter the server name.

> SMTP works with 25 port, so, set the port as 25.

> Enable the authentication and add your EMail address.

You will see that your changes have been done, and for any other further changes you should go with the same process as stated above. Besides if you have any query, then, you can contact the Juno Email Technical Support team. The Juno Email Technical Support team provides end to end solution to the query of the customers, and treats the customers. The Juno Email Technical Support Team is very adept, professional.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Unable to Access Juno Email Account- Hurry and Talk to the Experts Now

Juno email is one of the most commonly used email account that allows the users to send important and relevant information from one user account to the other email account. At one time, the users can send a lot of information to multiple clients and that too in very less time.

Why can’t the users can’t access their Juno Email?

Sometimes , the users are not able to access Juno email. Listed below are the reasons because of which the users cannot access Juno email.

If the users do not have a remote access to an enabled account , then the users will not be able to access Juno email because a remmote access to an enabled acocunt is required.

If the remote access is disabled, then the users cannot log on to Juno email on the web, even if the user is not using the computer on which the user has disabled the remote access.

After the user has enabled the  remote access, then the users may try logging on to Juno Email on the Web again.

These are the reasons because of which the users cannot access their Juno email account. If the users face any issues, then the users may dial Juno Email Technical Support Phone Number to talk to the technical experts for providing the appropriate solution for the issues.

Know how can the users fix the issue:

The users can fix the issue of Juno email login by following the steps stated below:

The user needs to make sure that they have a proper network connection. A slow or interrupted connection can also cause the login problems. If the problem continues, the users can also try to open their  Juno webmail account in a different web browser.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Know about the Process for Resetting the SbcGlobal Email Account Password

Sbcglobal services provides free email facility to people from all around the world so that they can utilize their Sbcglobal email address and can process their email works. Sbcglobal email account can easily be set up by the user and further they can access it efficiently. The user should remember to provide an easy but a unique password so that their account doesn't gets hacked or misused by any unwanted threats.

On the other hand, still there are many times when the Sbcglobal email account user face several issues in accessing or signing in to their account because of their password and for this they need a reliable solution. Therefore, to solve any signing issue the best way is to simply reset the account password.

For resetting the Sbcglobal email account password or to change it, the user needs to follow the steps that are mentioned below. The user can even dial the SBCGlobal Tech Support Number for this and can get assistance from the trained technicians available on the phone lines.

So, to reset Sbcglobal email account password user needs to follow the given steps :

To change the password, firstly the user is required to go to the link that is mentioned :

After the user have opened this link they need to click on the mail menu that is mentioned at the right side of the page.

Further the user need to select on the sign in option and should enter the credentials for the sign in process.

In the email address or username option, user need to mention their Sbcglobal email address and in the password option they need to enter the account password.

Now the user is supposed to select on forgot password menu and should proceed to the next step.

The user then is required to select on Hi your first name menu and then should go on the Yahoo account info page.

By selecting on this the OLAM page i.e . the AT&T Online management page will be opened on the screen.

Now in that page the user need to mention their Sbcglobal email address and the password in the required space.

The user further need to enter the account details.

Lastly the user need to enter their current password in the old password menu and also their new Sbcglobal password in the new password option.

Hence, this is the method by which the user will be able to reset their Sbcglobal email account password. This method will totally enable the user to change their account password whenever they want to do so.

Besides, the SBCGlobal Technical Support Number is also available for the user so that whenever they face any problem in accessing these password resetting steps they can directly dial this particular number and can talk with the best technical representatives available on the phone lines. The expert technicians can be contacted at any hour of the day so that the issue is solved instantly and the user is able to sign in to the Sbcglobal email account without any further glitches.