Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Here are the Steps Involved in Resetting a Gmail Password

A group of users often ask about the steps involved in resetting the Gmail password. This piece of the write-up is ready to guide you in two different ways. If you follow the instructions, you can quickly reset your Gmail password. Here we go with the first one. The associates of Gmail Customer Service have beautifully described the steps. Let’s get into the complete process.

1.        Open www.gmail.com and click on the [Can't access your Gmail Account]

2.        You will see the three different options like [I don't know my password], [I don't know my
            username] and [I'm having other problems signing in]

3.        Select the first; i.e., [I don't know my Password]

4.        You will be asked for your [Email address] now

5.        Submit the Email address that is associated with your Account, and then click on [Continue]

6.        Google will ask you [is this you]

7.        Please click [yes, Continue] to ensure that you do the operations

8.        Here you need to enter the [last password] you remember

9.        Click on [I don't remember] if you don't

10.    It will lead you to these two options [get a verification code on phone] and [get a verification              code on recovery email]

11.    Select the first to reset your Gmail password

12.    Submit the [6 digit Verification code] sent by Google

13.    You will be redirected to the password reset page where you can choose a new password for                your Gmail Account

14.    Enter your [New Password] and confirm [New password]

15.    Click on the [Reset Password] button now

Congratulations! You have successfully recovered your email account password. Now we will tell you the process of resetting your Gmail password by using six digits Verification Code which will be sent to your Phone. Let’s get into the second way of receiving the password

1.        Go to Gmail Homepage

2.        Click on [can't access your password]

3.        You have to enter your Gmail address now

4.        Click on [Continue] then

5.        Gmail will ask you [is this you]

6.        Click on [yes, continue] if you do the operations

7.        Enter the [Last password] you remembered

8.        Select the [I don't remember] if you don’t remember any password

9.        The selection of [confirm access to my recovery email] is urged to you now

10.    Google will send a reset password link to your recovery email

Now you need to login to the [Recovery email address] and open the [Google Account Recovery] message. The engineers recruited and trained by Gmail Customer Service now request you to click on a link below to reset your Gmail password. It will redirect you to the page which will allow you in resetting the New Password.