Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How to Change Profile Pic and Set Vacation Reply 1-888-828-4852

Are you own a frequent user of gmail account or done most of your professional and personal ? Gmail is one of the leading best free web mail services providing company in the world. With having one billion user across the world is a sheer testimony of the kind of services google offers to its customer. But sometimes user do faces problem, one of the common problem new user faces is regarding the changing the profile pic and how to set your vacation reply . One can take the help of their technical support or follow Some of the common procedures to change your gmail profile pic and set your vacation reply :
  • first of all go to Gmail and sign with the proper credential of username and password.
  • Once sign in then, go to the settings and click on the my picture section then further click on the change picture.
  • Select or upload the new picture and crop it according to its own size.
  • Then click on the apply changes.
  • One can also change the visibility option, by clicking on the picture and changing the visibility option either to everyone or only me or certain individual whom you want to chat with.
    In case if you are on a vacation or off to internet for some time then one can set vacation remainder that will automatically respond back to any email on your behalf stating you are on vacation.
  • For doing so, one can login into the gmail.
  • Then click on the settings, further scroll down to the bottom of the mail where a vacation res-ponder .
  • Fill the due date and subject and then compose the message.
  • Then further check the box if you want to only your contacts can get the reply.
  • At the bottom of the page. Click save changes.
  • To turn off the vacation, one can click on end now.
    In case if the issue persist then one can contact their gmail toll free number . One can go directly to the Google website and click on the contact section. Google technical team is full of versatile trained individual with having lots of expertise in the domain and many years of technical experience in remote technical assistance the user over a wide range of problems.

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