Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How to Change Cincinnati Bell Wifi Password?

How to Change Cincinnati Bell Wi-Fi Password?

We are already living in a interconnected world, where connectivity matters the most especially after the invention of Internet. Internet Data is forms the fundamental source of of this connectivity. Internet revolution has moved us into the Information age, where every human interaction, Communication, response and social behavior as well digital action is becoming one source of information. As the world is entering into the digital world the importance of data and data services providing company is becoming highly critical of our survival. One such company that providing the best data services in the world is Cincinnati Bell.
Cincinnati Bell is the leading data providing companies, which provides data through Dialup as well as wireless internet connection across the major location in North America . IT provides million of their customer high quality internet experience at a cost effective price to its both dial-up and wireless user. But customer do faces minor technical issues regarding connection problem or change in the wifi password . If you don't have a idea about how to change the wifi password then one can take the help of Cincinnati technical support or go through these instructions :
  • First you have to open your web browser and type the this IP address into the address bar and press the Enter tab
  • Then Click on the Wireless link tab that is present at the left side and then it will diverts you to the Wireless menu.
  • Further Click on the basic option tab.
  • Then checked the box to Enable Wireless and then type your wireless network name into the SSID box.
  • Click on the Apply/Save option in order to ensure that everything is properly save and then SSID will pop up a list of wireless network.
  • Once After you ,enter your new password under the WPA/WAPI passphrase and then click on the Apply/Save icon to complete the procedure of password changing.

In Case, you need any type of more then directly call at their technical support by following these Procedures.Then directly go to the website and on the top of the website you will find Cincinnati Bell Customer service team number is supported by a trained individual with many years of technical experience in remote technical assistance to the user over a wide range of problems.

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