Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How Do I Change My Google Default Account?

Process to change Google default account through Google customer support!

Google is a word wide using search engine.It provides easiest way to search anything through Internet.Google is used by billions of users for searching any websites,News,History, science and technology related terms and much more.
When you want to do multiple sign in account then it is a great way to organize between multiple Google accounts and Gmail address.But when you use multiple sign in process then there is a little bit confusion about which is the default account .To fix this issue you can change Google account as a default account.For changing Google default accounts you need to follow these steps:
  • First you have to open your Browser then you need to go any Google site such as Google .com ,Gmail .com and much more in a non private window
  • Then You need to go in the Avator icon that is upper right corner of a Google page and you have to to click on “sign out” option for Log out of all your Google accounts.
  • Now you have to go to Gmail site and then sign in with the account which you you want to set as the default or primary account .
  • You need to ensure that your first log in out will work as default account when you do multiple sign in.
  • When you log in with your primary and default account then again you need to go on the Upper right corner of the page and click on the “Add account”.
  • You can add so many account by clicking on this icon again and again if necessary.
  • You can sign out from any where in the Google service.
Now you can easily set your Google account with default account but still if you are facing any issue then you can contact to Google customer service.Google provides hight experienced technician for resolving your query. They provides reliable solution for any problem.You can call time on this number.They are always available for your help.They are available round the clock.
There are so many Google support forum and community forum from where you can get Google toll free and you can easily connect with Google customer support.They provides support in various way such as Phone support,email support ,On-line chat support and so can use any of these support to get rid off your problem.

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