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How do I Add an Additional Gmail Account

Revolution in the information and technology world has seen a rapid rise in the change of human communication system. Currently we are in the age of digital revolution, where everything is just within the reach of a click and a tap on the smartphone. One of the key parts of this technological revolution which has deepest impact on our life is email. Email since the start of its invention has always remained and played a vital role in our communication system. We share our credentials, our narratives and our well wishes as well as our company's profile or promote a brand with the help of an email. It has truly became our most important mean of our daily communication. One such leading email service providing company in the world is gmail.

Gmail is one of the top email service providing company, a subsidiary of the technological giant " Google". It is world largest email service company with more than 1 billion user and millions user login each day to send billion of email message across the world. So if you are the owner who owns a gmail account or have recently sign up for gmail then you must have experienced the various service gmail offers apart from sending the mail. But despite giving great services, sometimes new
user forget or avoid to add  additional email address or recovery email address when they sign up. Recovery email address are quite important for security purposes of one's email. So if you are the one who forgets to add recovery email address then one can take the help from Gmail Help Number or follow some of these common procedures to create an recovery account to your gmail.

  • First of all, sign into your gmail account.
  • Click on the settings options tab and then further click on the settings.
  • Then further click on the Account and Import tab.
  • Then click on further to add an email address, if anyone don't have added any recovery. email address at the start of signing up for google.
  • Click on the edit link next to your current recovery email address to change it.
  • click save to make further changes.
  • Sign out the gmail account in order to review the changes.
  • In order to check whether your recovery account changes are made. Sign in your gmail account and click on the forget password. Gmail will ask you for where to send your recovery password link, whether on mobile or email.
  • Click on the email and a recovery link will be send to your given address.
  • Sign into the newly added recovery email address and click on the inbox to check whether you have received the recovery link or not.

But In Case, even after that one faces some issue regarding password recovery. Then one can directly contact Gmail helpline number by following these Procedures. First Go to google, click on the contact or then Click in the Gmail help center. Their technical team is supported by a trained individual with many years of technical experience in remote technical assistance to the user over a wide range of problems.Their 24*7 expert team will help you to solve the issue at the minimal time

How to Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number

How to recover Gmail password without phone number?
Gmail is one of the top-class email services which is used by the billions of users across the globe. Gmail is best known for its optimum mailing features but users confront numerous technical issues while using their Gmail account and forgot password is one among those.
Do you forget your Gmail account password? Then you can easily recover it by three methods like an alternate email, phone number and security questions. In case, you forgot your registered phone number, then you can easily recover it by an alternate email ID which is registered to your Gmail account. Do you have any idea how to recover Gmail password with an alternate email ID? If no, then read this article and go through the below instructions:
  • Step 1:- First of all, open your web browser and go to the official sign in page of Gmail.
  • Step 2:- Now tap on the Can’t access the account link.
  • Step 3:- In the next step, tap on the option I forgot my password.
  • Step 4:-  Tap on the Next.
  • Step 5:-  Now enter your Gmail ID into the given box.
  • Step 6:-  After that, enter the captcha characters from the given image into the given field and then tap on the Next.
  • Step 7:-  Now a new page will open where you can select the methods of password recovery. Choose Alternate email ID option and tap on the next.
  • Step 8:-  Now Google confirm a notification that password reset link has been sent to your email ID.
  • Step 9:-  Open your alternate email ID and then open the password link.
  • Step 10:-  After that, you must need to enter a new password for your Gmail account into the given box and then re-enter it for confirm.
  • Step 11:-  Now tap on the Reset Password tab to complete the procedure.
Now your Gmail is ready to access with a new password. If you are not competent to recover your Gmail password with the help of above given steps, then don’t be tensed about that. Contact Gmail password reset number and gets result oriented assistance from the technical experts. The group of these experts is well qualified, certified and dedicated towards their work. They can fix all your technical issues within a short span of time. When you contact with them, they will provide an effective assistance on Gmail password recovery. You can avail this assistance at 24/7 hours from all over the world.

How to Change Profile Pic and Set Vacation Reply 1-888-828-4852

Are you own a frequent user of gmail account or done most of your professional and personal ? Gmail is one of the leading best free web mail services providing company in the world. With having one billion user across the world is a sheer testimony of the kind of services google offers to its customer. But sometimes user do faces problem, one of the common problem new user faces is regarding the changing the profile pic and how to set your vacation reply . One can take the help of their technical support or follow Some of the common procedures to change your gmail profile pic and set your vacation reply :
  • first of all go to Gmail and sign with the proper credential of username and password.
  • Once sign in then, go to the settings and click on the my picture section then further click on the change picture.
  • Select or upload the new picture and crop it according to its own size.
  • Then click on the apply changes.
  • One can also change the visibility option, by clicking on the picture and changing the visibility option either to everyone or only me or certain individual whom you want to chat with.
    In case if you are on a vacation or off to internet for some time then one can set vacation remainder that will automatically respond back to any email on your behalf stating you are on vacation.
  • For doing so, one can login into the gmail.
  • Then click on the settings, further scroll down to the bottom of the mail where a vacation res-ponder .
  • Fill the due date and subject and then compose the message.
  • Then further check the box if you want to only your contacts can get the reply.
  • At the bottom of the page. Click save changes.
  • To turn off the vacation, one can click on end now.
    In case if the issue persist then one can contact their gmail toll free number . One can go directly to the Google website and click on the contact section. Google technical team is full of versatile trained individual with having lots of expertise in the domain and many years of technical experience in remote technical assistance the user over a wide range of problems.

Get Complete Solution of Any EarthLink Technical Issue

Earthlink is the best Internet Service Provider for dial-up and broadband. The service offered is Earthlink emails, Web hosting, and security services. The services offered are excellent and best in the market. For any product or service related information, you may dial on EarthLink Email Customer Service. The number is available 24*7, so you can call anytime as per your convenience.

Many users encounter the EarthLink email technical issues and for the resolution, they need the professional experts and hence for the same, we provide EarthLink Technical Support for the registered EarthLink email users. Our technical team diagnoses and troubleshoot all the EarthLink email technical issues. We work around the clock, so you can call anytime for the technical assistance. The solution provided by us are effective and comprehensive. All the technical issues are resolved within a timeframe. The high-quality advanced technology enables the techie to give the optimum and unique solution. You can either go for live chat or can dial on EarthLink email technical support number for the solution of technical issues.
We are happy with the performance of our technical team as they have given the premium quality works and hereby we are also thankful to the EarthLink Email users, who believed in us and we maintained the same by providing the exact and effective solution of the versatile technical issues.
We have mentioned few issues resolved by the technical support team.
  • Unable to Sign-in with the correct email address and password.
  • Restore the deleted emails.
  • Recover the EartLink Email Password or email address.
  • Server Issue
  • EarthLink email Configuration
  • How to recover the Hacked Earthlink Email Account?
  • How to sign -in EarthLink with other devices?
  • Resolve any technical issue for any Operating System.
Hence, the users can get the complete solution of all the EarthLink technical issues from the experts. Either you can contact us by Live Chat or can dial on our Technical Support Number.  

How to Change Cincinnati Bell Wifi Password?

How to Change Cincinnati Bell Wi-Fi Password?

We are already living in a interconnected world, where connectivity matters the most especially after the invention of Internet. Internet Data is forms the fundamental source of of this connectivity. Internet revolution has moved us into the Information age, where every human interaction, Communication, response and social behavior as well digital action is becoming one source of information. As the world is entering into the digital world the importance of data and data services providing company is becoming highly critical of our survival. One such company that providing the best data services in the world is Cincinnati Bell.
Cincinnati Bell is the leading data providing companies, which provides data through Dialup as well as wireless internet connection across the major location in North America . IT provides million of their customer high quality internet experience at a cost effective price to its both dial-up and wireless user. But customer do faces minor technical issues regarding connection problem or change in the wifi password . If you don't have a idea about how to change the wifi password then one can take the help of Cincinnati technical support or go through these instructions :
  • First you have to open your web browser and type the this IP address into the address bar and press the Enter tab
  • Then Click on the Wireless link tab that is present at the left side and then it will diverts you to the Wireless menu.
  • Further Click on the basic option tab.
  • Then checked the box to Enable Wireless and then type your wireless network name into the SSID box.
  • Click on the Apply/Save option in order to ensure that everything is properly save and then SSID will pop up a list of wireless network.
  • Once After you ,enter your new password under the WPA/WAPI passphrase and then click on the Apply/Save icon to complete the procedure of password changing.

In Case, you need any type of more then directly call at their technical support by following these Procedures.Then directly go to the website and on the top of the website you will find Cincinnati Bell Customer service team number is supported by a trained individual with many years of technical experience in remote technical assistance to the user over a wide range of problems.

How Do I Change My Google Default Account?

Process to change Google default account through Google customer support!

Google is a word wide using search engine.It provides easiest way to search anything through Internet.Google is used by billions of users for searching any websites,News,History, science and technology related terms and much more.
When you want to do multiple sign in account then it is a great way to organize between multiple Google accounts and Gmail address.But when you use multiple sign in process then there is a little bit confusion about which is the default account .To fix this issue you can change Google account as a default account.For changing Google default accounts you need to follow these steps:
  • First you have to open your Browser then you need to go any Google site such as Google .com ,Gmail .com and much more in a non private window
  • Then You need to go in the Avator icon that is upper right corner of a Google page and you have to to click on “sign out” option for Log out of all your Google accounts.
  • Now you have to go to Gmail site and then sign in with the account which you you want to set as the default or primary account .
  • You need to ensure that your first log in out will work as default account when you do multiple sign in.
  • When you log in with your primary and default account then again you need to go on the Upper right corner of the page and click on the “Add account”.
  • You can add so many account by clicking on this icon again and again if necessary.
  • You can sign out from any where in the Google service.
Now you can easily set your Google account with default account but still if you are facing any issue then you can contact to Google customer service.Google provides hight experienced technician for resolving your query. They provides reliable solution for any problem.You can call time on this number.They are always available for your help.They are available round the clock.
There are so many Google support forum and community forum from where you can get Google toll free and you can easily connect with Google customer support.They provides support in various way such as Phone support,email support ,On-line chat support and so can use any of these support to get rid off your problem.

Get a Way To Hack And Open Gmail Account 1-888-828-4852

Get a way to hack and open Gmail account

Gmail is developed by Google and also known ag Google mail. It provide the communication through web services. In this article we are explaining how could you open your own Gmail account and how to hack password for others account.

How to Open a Gmail Account

To open a gmail account you should have to create your own account on Gmail. To create an account you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • First of all Go to the home page of “Gmail” and click on “ Create an Account ”.
  • Enter your “first name” and “last name” in the name section.
  • Now choose a username according to your preference.
  • Create a secure password for your account and confirm it by typing it again.
  • Now provide your “birthday” and “gender detail”.
  • Now enter your mobile number or existing Email address for account verification and authorization.
  • Type the captcha picture to prove that you are an human.
  • Now check in “I agree to Google terms of service and privacy policy” and click on “Next”.
  • Now click continue to Gmail.
To enhance the security of your account you have to enable two step authentication process. It will indicate you whenever an unauthorized user try to access your account.

How to Hack Gmail Account Password

Hacking a Gmail account is not very tough task if you lose your account password. There are several methods to obtain someone password.

Method 1: Managing your expectations
Gmail provide the secure service through two step verification. The only way to hack someone account is to steal their password. If they have activated two step verification then you required to steal their mobile phone also.

Method 2: Using a keylogger
  • Search the keylogger program and install it on the target’s computer.
  • Activate the keylogger service to record keystrokes.
  • When the keylogger run on the target’s computer it will capture lots of information.
  • Now view the logs send by keylogger on your email ID.
  • Browse the log until you find the target’s Gmail password.

Method 3: Using the Browser’s password manager
  • Firstly open the “web browser” on target’s computer.
  • Now open the “password manager” in the “Settings” section.
  • Locate the password for your target’s Gmail account in password manager.
  • Now select the password and click on “Show Password” button.
  • Note down the password and close the password manager.
  • Access the target’s Gmail account from another computer.

You can not access the target’s account if he activated the two step verification. You need to enter verification code that is sent on the mobile phone. You need to steal their mobile phone also to hack their account without suspicion. You can also use fishing to capture the password. But it is for advanced users only. You can also create a fake login page to steal the password.

This article is for education purpose only so if you didn’t understand any method then call on Gmail toll free number. You can get help from our experts by calling on this number. They will help you in account creation and guide you in hacking process. This number remain active all the time. You should have the knowledge about hacking to prevent more security. You may get information how you can activate two step verification to enhance the security of your account.

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How to Change Your SBCglobal Email Password

In order to be able to access the individuals SBCglobal email account online the user need to enter the correct username and password combination. Failing the combination, the user cannot access the SBCglobal email

Changing the SBCglobal email password - if the user have forgotten it
To change the SBCglobal email password, the users need to contact the SBCGlobal technical support and seek their assistance for the same. However, there are three basic steps that the user need to follow to change their SBCglobal password recovery , if they happen to have forgotten it.

  1.   First the user need to go to the official website of Yahoo login page and log into their SBCglobal account online
  2.   Then click on the ‘forgot password?’ link which is just under the space  provided for entry of the password
  3.   Then providing or fill in the detailed information that is required in order to change the password

Changing the SBCglobal email password - while they still remember it
To change the SBCglobal email password, the users need to contact the SBCGlobal technical support and seek their assistance for the same. However, there are three basic steps that the user need to follow to change their SBCglobal email password, if they happen to still remember it.

  1.  First the user need to go to the official website of Yahoo login page and log into their SBCglobal account online
  2.   Then log into the account by entering the username and password
  3.  After logged in the user need to click on the icon which looks like a gear cog, on the extreme right hand corner and then from the drop down options that come up need to click on ‘settings’
  4. On the page the user is navigated to pop-up window and from the links on the left hand side he or she needs to click on ‘accounts’
  5.  Then click on ‘change your password’ link
  6.  Enter the old password, as required
  7.  Then enter the new password and confirm it