Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How to Add a Lexmark Printer to a Wireless Network

Fixing the Lexmark Printer problems – Installation and Network issues

Lexmark printer is one of the widely used printer device with easy printing and scanning option. Installation process is simple and install the drivers correctly for instant printing. Web pages are printed swiftly and also mobile printing option is available. There are instances when the user might face problem with the printer network or installation and this article will help solving the Lexmark printer network problems.

How to add a Lexmark printer to a wireless network?

Here are the steps to install the printer network on Windows –
  • Before installing user should make sure that network is setup correctly and also computer is using the wireless network for the printer setup.

    connecting the power cable to the printerturning the power on
  • Connect the power cable to the printer and turn on the printer.stopdont insert the usb cable
  • Insert the printer driver CD.inserting the CD into the CD/DVD drive
  • Click on ‘Install’ button and follow the prescribed instructions.
  • Choose the connection type as ‘Wireless Connection’.
  • Select ‘Guide Setup (Recommended)’ from the Wireless Communication dialog.
  • Also connect the USB cable temporarily on the wireless network and also follow the instructions correctly.the USB cable is attached to the computer and to the printer
Here are the steps to install the printer on Macintosh –
  • Connect the cable of the printer and turn on the device.
  • Locate the MAC address and from the home screen move to ‘Network Setup Page’.
  • Access the AirPort option from the Apple menu and navigate ‘AirPort’ from ‘System Preferences’ and then to ‘Network’.
  • Install the printer driver file on the system. Follow the on-screen instructions and click on ‘Install’.
  • After installation is completed then click on ‘OK’ and finally click ‘Close’.
  • Now add the printer and for IP printing move to Apple menu and navigate to ‘System Preferences’.
  • Next go to ‘Utilities’ and double click the option ‘Printer Setup Utility’ or ‘Print Center’.
  • In the address field type the IP address and click on ‘Add’.
Not able to configure the Lexmark printer drivers or network on your system or computer? Contact Lexmark printer technical support team to get the best assistance and support from the trained experts. Get remote troubleshooting from the support team and for that dial the Lexmark printer support toll free number.

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