Thursday, March 23, 2017

How to Configure Gmail to Pull Mail from

Assistance to forward the online email to Gmail:

Get Set to Forward the online email to Gmail The users  might get confused or get stuck in forwarding the online email to the respective Gmail account . For this the users might follow the below given steps to accomplish their task successfully:-
  • The users of the Gmail account need to first login into the Gmail account using their respective login id and password.
  •  Secondly the user need to click on the icon that is present on the top right corner of their respective pages .
  • Then the user is required to click on the settings option available as well.
  • Finally the user needs to click on the accounts option available and then needs to click on the option to forward their respective their emails from the Gmail account and then to the specified user email account .
  • For doing this the user needs to click on the user name and password for specifying the user name and the address to which the users wishes to send their respective emails .
  • Thereafter the user needs to click on the option to send the email to the Gmail account and thus successfully save the task.
By following the above given steps the user may successfully transfer their respective emails to the desired Gmail account. In case the user gets stuck in an issue, then the user might take the support and assistance from the optonline email tech support for getting the right help and support for resolving their issues from the technical experts and that too in a very short period of time.

Advantages of dialing the customer support :

 The users of the optonline may leverage the following advantages of dialing the customer support  for assistance:

Ø  The expert are available at all the time .

Ø  The experts are technically efficient.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to Setup Sbcglobal Email With POP Settings on an iphone

In order to setup sbcglobal on iphone, users need to get the POP and SMTP settings on their phone which will be helpful for them to make the account work.

Users need to go through the given steps

·        Go to the settings option
·        Select ‘Mail, contacts, calendars’
·        Select the ‘add account’ option
·        Tap on others and then add mail account
·        Select name and enter name and email to enter the email address
·        Enter the password for your account
·        Select the POP option
·        For incoming mail server enter
·        Incoming port: 993 (requires SSL)
·        Enter the sbcglobal email address in user name field
·        Enter the corresponding password
·        For outgoing mail server enter
·        Outgoing port: 465 (SSL/TLS)
·        Type the email address and password for the email account
·        Select the option of save

Yu iphone would be configured with sbcglobal after which you can access your email and important work. Users will be able to get the regular update of their work on the iphone which they receive on sbcglobal mail which helps users to keep updated.
If users face any issue with the configuration of sbcglobal on iphone or any other issue, then they can also call on the sbcglobal support number to interact with the experts.

Juno Email-A Way To Get The Better Email Service

Juno email has become important to everyone because it has all such features for which users generally look for.It is the association of rare qualities that might be missed in other mail applications.Individuals would be able to perform the important actions such uploading and downloading files and photos,sending and receiving mail function along with others.But whenever there would be some problem with the email account,individuals are required to do instant connection with the Juno EMAIL customer care team that is all time ready to come up with unique solution.

There are number of problems that has been solved through the Juno email technical support team in which users may see solutions for few of them:-

  • First users should double click over the Juno icon on the desktop
  • It is now required to select “Email” to connect
  • Users may now click over the options and should choose “Password and security” button
  • It is now required to enter the current password and the new password
  • It is now required to click the button for “Finish” and then “Ok”

How to Delete The Juno Account ?

  1. First users should visit the page of Juno
  2. Individuals would now get the screen for “Welcome to Juno”
  3. Users should now choose the option for “Delete account”
  4. From the option of “Delete account”,users should enter the email address they wants to delete
  5. It is now need to click the option for“Just this computer”
  6. Users may now click the “Ok” button
  7. The email account with Juno will get delete

For the conditions individuals need help with the above given technical issues along with all such others that is currently bothering the users.Account holder just need explain their problem to the expert and they would come on the conclusion that what exactly needs to do for solving the respective issue.The technique that would be applied to solve the solve the respective issue will be remote access technique.It is quite helpful in the detection of the problem.Individuals would just charged through some small amount of money that is quite low to pay through anybody.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How to Access Optonline Email?

A huge variety of email services are available in the market and Optoline email is one of them which is very popular among the billions of users around the world. Optonline email is accessible on Windows, Android and iOS devices. Sometimes users face many technical issues while using the Optonline email. In such types of conditions, users can contact with Optonline email tech support to get the best technical support from the world class technicians.

Optonline email is very easy to access. If you don’t have any idea that how to access Optonline email? Then Optonline email tech support provides you an effective solutions to access. There are some easy steps given below, which can help you:-

Step 1:- First of all, you have to be needed to open your browser and then go to the

Step 2:- Now click on the Sign In with your Optimum email ID.

Step 3:- Now enter your Optimum email ID and password into the given field and then click on the Sign In to

Step 4:- After that, choose Email Inbox from the given options and then you can access your Optoline email.

If you are facing any difficulties to accessing Optonline email account by the following steps, then contact with Optoline email tech support team to get the better help. You will get a specific help from the well trained and certified technicians when you contact with them. Optonline emailtech support is available at 24/7 hours.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Dial Lenovo Laptop Technical Support Number and Fix all your issues immediately

In this technological world, all the important works are to be done by the laptops. A lot of laptop manufacturers are present in the market and Lenovo is one among those. Lenovo laptops are mostly known for its top rated features. Now these days, Lenovo laptops are utilized by the billions of users across the globe. Generally users confront several of technical hitches while using the Lenovo laptops. In such conditions, users can dial Lenovo laptop technical support number and get world class technical assistance from the professionals.
Some technical issues of Lenovo laptop are:-

  • Installation and setup errors.
  • Over heating issues.
  • Fan is not working properly.
  • Some hardware and software issues.
  • Keyboard issues.
  • Slow speed problems.
  • Issues with power supply. 
  • System shuts down frequently 

Get instant help on Lenovo laptop issues!

Are you a user of Lenovo laptop and confronting any technical error from the above mentioned list? Then what are you waiting for? Contact Lenovo laptop customer service phone number to avail the top rated assistance from the technical experts team. The team of technical experts are very adept and have a sea of knowledge to ward of various kinds of issues related to your Lenovo laptop. So pick up your phone now and discuss all your issues with them. After listing your issues they will proffer you an effective help. These numbers are ANY TIME available at 24/7 hours.

Epson Printer Technical Support Number

How to fix the Epson printer problem?

Epson printer is one of the most widely used printer which enables the user to complete all the printing works within much less time. It also has advanced printing features and printing webpages are much easier now. Epson printer also has mobile printing feature and configuration of printer drivers is easy and swift.
Now there are instances when the Epson printer user might face problem in printing pages using the printer. For all the problems with the printer one can contact Epson printer technical support. Support expert diagnoses the problem remotely and instant solution is provided.
Some of the common Epson printer problems faced are –
  • Epson printer has stopped printing unexpectedly.
  • Printer is printing blank pages or the alignment is getting disturbed.
  • Epson printer is facing difficulty is turning the device on or off.
  • Print quality of the printer is much less or degraded.
  • Paper jam issue is occurring at regular time interval.
  • Not able to install the printer drivers or setup the printer.
  • Problem in printing color pages from the printer.
Try out the common troubleshooting steps for the solution of the printer issue –
  • Check that the printer is plugged into the working outlet and the LED light is displayed correctly.
  • Check the status of the LED screen which should be proper for correct printing.
  • Perform a test print. Go to the manual for instructions and look for the self-test functions.
  • Also check the ink. Pin out the faulty cartridge and either replace or clean it.
  • Check for the self-cleaning feature under Printer properties and select the option of ‘Clean Print Heads’.
  • Check the paper tray and look if the tray is jammed or not.
These are just few of the common troubleshooting steps to overcome the Epson printer issue. If the user faces any difficulty in fixing the printer issue then contact Epson printer tech support. Problem with the printer is diagnosed remotely and then instant solution is provided. Once the issue is diagnosed then instant solution is provided.